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Thank you for visiting purebredkitten.com and for taking a journey with us down Maine Coon Cat Road. 
I stumbled on this breed by accident about 29 years ago. I just happened to go to a cat show and saw a lady about 5′ 9″ carrying a long haired cat. She literally had cat, from her chin to her knees. My gracious, what have I found?!
And that is truly how all of this started. Being a life long cat lover, I had luckily found THE CAT OF ALL CATS!

about us maine coon
about us maine coon


There is absolutely nothing else in the cat world quite like a Maine Coon.
Once you own a Maine Coon, I seriously doubt you will ever consider owning any other cat breed. With that said, you have to realize that I am very prejudiced toward the Maine Coon Breed.I am sure every serious breeder of every breed of cat, feels the same way about their breed.
Purebredkitten Cattery was established September 25, 1995. The Cattery is located in central North Carolina, just south of the town of Pittsboro. Which is approximately 40 miles West of Raleigh, NC.
I have been breeding and producing world quality show and pet Maine Coon Cats since 1995 in the Southeastern Region of the United States.
I strongly disagree with the idea of declawing cats. If any of the kittens produced and sold by Purebred Kitten Cattery are declawed, that automatically disqualifies the buyer from any and all health guarantees provided at time of sale!  Please take a moment to read the following article; What You Need To Know About Declawing


I live on a 13 acre wooded lot in a rural setting and the cattery facility is a 1300 square foot single floor wood home, heated and air conditioned, built to code just like a regular home, only this facility is built especially for the cats and is divided into portions or sections that the MCBFA has stated as requirement sizes to comfortably house adult Maine Coons. This is an excellent cattery facility and I usually recommend prospective kitten buyers to visit several Maine Coon Catteries before selecting a kitten.
Megacoon Cattery is a Certified TICA Cattery which means it has to meet many requirements to retain certification. I am very proud of this facility and consider it to be one of the best cattery facilities in the USA.

This Cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.This disclaimeris required to use this trademark.I am retired from working with the NC Dept. Of Public Instruction and 100% of my time is devoted to the well being of my cats and cattery. Anyone that knows me will tell you, they are my passion. 
This started out many years ago as a small hobby and now it’s like a dairy farm in that it requires my full attention 24/7. The cattery building is located approximately 150 feet from my home and I actually spend more hours in the cattery than I do in my home.
I try to be with all litters when born.  All kittens are handled daily from birth and are well socialized prior to being placed in new homes at a minimum of 13 weeks of age.
No one, who has placed a deposit to reserve a kitten, is required to take a kitten home that they are not 100% pleased with. Satisfaction, as well as health, are guaranteed here at Megacoon Cattery.
Megacoon Cattery has cats all over the world. However, due to the inconsistency of the airlines in today’s world, we ship kittens by air freight.

I no longer show. But with the assistance and expertise of “Joyce Henderson as exhibitor,” we have had numerous regional, national, and international winners over the years.
I specialize in producing classic tabby colors: black silver, blue silver, red silver, brown, blue, red, cream and torbies (patch tabbies – all with & without white). In addition, an occasional solid color (black) or more rarely a shaded/smoke color is available.  (Especially-black smoke and black smoke torties), some with white.

I breed for the feral (wild) look. Heavy boned, big tall ears with long lynx points, heavy coats, excellent health, and good temperament. I have heard this referred to as “the old style Maine Coon look.”

Purebred kitten stands for: top quality kittens, bred for health, temperament, and size. 
This is the largest domestic breed, so size should be a strong consideration.

All of the kittens bred here are registered in TICA (The International Cat Association) after they have been spay/neutered. (Registration is included in the purchase price)

Kittens are placed in new homes at a minimum of 13 weeks of age or more. They are thoroughly examined by my Vet. on site at the cattery (at least twice) and my Vet. administers all shots, for both kittens and cats.
One of the most important things to ask a breeder is: Have your kittens been seen by a Vet.? If not, you have no idea what you are purchasing health wise! Nor does the breeder have any idea what they are selling health wise.
The Cattery and the cats/kittens are seen weekly Thursday – Sunday afternoons (by appointment) from 1 PM to 5 PM. Schedule a visit at your convenience. You will not be disappointed. Pictures do not do this breed justice.
The coat length of the cats pictured on the web site will vary depending on the age of the cat. This breed grows until they are 4-5 years old and they do not get their adult coat until age two. This is one of many unique qualities of Maine Coons. Most cat breeds are grown at age one.

One very important thing to remember is that this breed grows extremely fast, but matures extremely slowly! 
The kittens go through what I like to call an adolesence period (from 6 months to 18 months) they will be long and lean, almost thin looking as they grow so fast. But as they mature, their conformation (muscles develop) and they become extremely strong and massive in size.Although this is the largest domestic breed of cat. Their life span is similar to a regular house cat (12-18 years) Many of the large dog breeds only live 8-10 years at most.My advice to kitten buyers: 
Visit a number of catteries. Make sure you are getting the kitten you really want. This is a long term commitment and you are buying not only a pet but a companion as well. 
As you will quickly discover once you get your new Maine Coon Kitten settled and adjusted to its new home. You have truly purchased something different and unique from any other pet!


What to expect from a Professional and Ethical Pet Breeder: A quality pet that is healthy and socialized, a legal sales contract, a written health guarantee, all kitten/cat health records including all shots given and test results, and a willing sounding board for any and all questions that may arise once you take your pet home. In essence, the breeder should be a resource person for you when needed.
What the Breeder Expects from the Pet Purchaser: An honest person that will provide a safe and loving home for their new pet. Someone who will actually fulfill ALL requirements stated on the sales contract. Be sure to read the complete contract prior to signing it. It is a legal document and once signed may be upheld in small claims court if not fulfilled within the time frames stated on the contract.
EXAMPLE: My contract requires all pet kittens to be spayed or neutered within a set time frame, plus a copy of the vet neuter/spay statement must be sent to the breeder as proof of fulfilling the sales contract. If not, there is a cost penalty equal to the purchase price of the cat/kitten, plus I have the right to repossess the pet.
In addition, my contract states that I have the “right of first refusal.” If for any reason the buyer cannot maintain ownership of the pet. What this means is: you are required to offer the cat back to me prior to trying to find the pet a new home. This includes trying to sell the cat, or place with friends or family members.
In other words, the breeder has the right to approve of who has ownership of his breeding. Hopefully, this will prevent the pet from ever ending up at the pound.

FUN EXPERIENCE: One of the great joys of being a breeder is the interaction you have with the kitten purchaser on the day they get to take their new kitten home. The excitement and pure joy expressed on the peoples faces, regardless if they are 12 or 72 years old is absolutely priceless.
I remember back years ago, I had only been breeding Maine Coon Cats for a few years. This young girl about 10 years old and her mother came out to visit the cattery. The child truly wanted a kitten, but the mother told her she would have to save her allowance and do other chores to earn money to buy her a kitten.I really did not give this situation much thought after that. But approximately two years later the mother and daughter came back out for a visit. The daughter was proudly carrying a covered shoe box as she entered the cattery. Once inside, she stated she was ready to purchase her new kitten and handed me the shoe box. Once I took the lid off, I discovered it was filled with $1.00 bills.

After carefully counting the $1.00 bills several times, it was obvious that she was $3.00 short of the total kitten price. I looked at the mother and I thought the daughter, now 12, was about to cry. I told her how impressed I was that she had worked and saved her money and if it was alright with her mother, I would donate to her the $3.00 that she needed.
To make a long story, shorter. This was one proud parent and one absolutely thrilled 12 year old girl. I shall always remember her smile as she selected her kitten and got in the car to take the kitten home.
You have a lot of experiences dealing with the public. Some better than others. But this one was precious and I will treasure it always. PUREBRED KIITENis a TICA OUTSTANDING CATTERY
TICA Outstanding Sire RW Supreme Grand Champion.
Megacoon Rocking Cyrus is no longer breeding. But his bloodline lives on here at PUREBRED KITTEN Cattery. Red Silver Classic White. He was never shown, but is a most impressive Maine Coon specimen. 

  • Carlos SantanaMale Red-Sliver Classic w/White

Cryus (Son) RW QGC Koontucky Eric Clapton Of Megacoon (retired breeder)
2005-2006 TICA Best Red Silver Classic Tabby Maine Coon Cat.
2005-2006 TICA Southeast Region 2nd Best Maine Coon Cat.

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